About Us

We are leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for our every customers.

PETROSAKA delivers design-to-build world-class solutions for oil & gas processing, petroleum refining, chemicals & petrochemicals and fertilizer sectors.

In-house expertise and experience, synergized with strategic partnerships enable us to deliver a single point solution for every phase of a project – from front-end design through engineering, fabrication, project management, construction and installation right up to commissioning.

PETROSAKA ENI , a wholly owned subsidiary of PETROSAKA , serves the Oil and Gas sector around the world. Organized under Offshore, Onshore, Construction Services, Modular Fabrication and Engineering Services verticals, the company delivers 'design to build' engineering and construction solutions across the Oil and Gas spectrum.

The key aspects of our business philosophy are, on-time delivery, cost competitiveness, high quality standards with focus on best in class HSE and IT security practices.

Integrated strengths coupled with experienced and highly skilled work force, are the key enablers in delivering critical and complex projects.

Over the years, we have garnered a reputation for simultaneously executing multiple projects. We believe in an attitude and approach that allow for flexibility of operation and agility in response.

We provise innovative solution with quality, reliability, quick respose and safety as our top priority in meeting oil our top priority in meeting all our customers' needs.
We fulfill to our costomers' needs in being responsive and deliver what we promise with the highest integrity and honesty.
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Our Group Of Companys

Petrosaka Sdn Bhd


Petrosaka Pte Ltd


Petrosaka Ghana Pte Ltd


Key Managements

Customer Focus

We fulfill to our customer's needs in being responsive and deliver what we promise with the highest integrity and honesty.


We engage with all stakeholders to meet all safety requirements at workplace..

Quality & Excellence

We take pride to deliver our products and services on-time, with on defects and with excellent standards to achieve customer's' satisfactions.

Team work & Communication

We achieve our common goals as a team through mutual support, respect and trust.

People Development

We value our people and provide opportunity in their personal and career growth.

Innovative Products and Service for Construction Projects and Automative Service.