Power Generation/SCR’s & Electrical Power Houses (E-House) Supply

Complete turnkey power generation and control package for drilling, jacking, winching and propulsion systems for offshore drilling and production platforms, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, drill ships, TADR, and land rigs.

  • Fabrication of superstructure, hull plating, deck plating, bulwark, cargo hatches, container cell SCR system on-site maintenance, repair and troubleshooting.
  • Advice and identification of obsolete components and for replacement.
  • Engineering design and support for equipment appraisal surveys.
  • Evaluation of existing systems, upgrades and up-rating.
  • Engineering design, support and inspection of new system build.
  • PCB and electronic control module repair and recalibration.
  • Training for electrical service technicians.
  • Basic operations & maintenance training on-site.
  • Site-surveys for system upgrades and up-rating.
  • Start-up and commissioning/re-commissioning.
  • Equipment wiring and fitting.
  • Panel construction.