Technical Support & Assistance

Petrosaka is an important resource for operators in steelworks and Oil & Gas plants who offer technical support for their operation and maintenance. Our company brings a vast experience in providing technical support to:

  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Refineries
  • Petrol Chemistry
  • Power Utilities
  • Pumping Solutions Design and Implementation
  • Instrumentation Design and Installation
  • Technical Projects Management
  • Petrosaka qualified engineers and technicians perform the maintenance operations and activities on a variety of plants in the North Sea, Western Africa, Middle East, Republics of Central Asia and in other parts worldwide.

    All our collaborators are attentively selected, controlled and trained to operate and keep the clients' property and maximize safety, operative efficiency and productivity of the plants of famous Oil & Gas companies and other industrial enterprises that appreciate Petrosaka specialists for their professional and multidisciplinary approach.